Yoshinkan Aikido

Aikido for Children

At Aikido London we believe in fostering learning and traditions both on and off the mat. To hone our skills we teach respect, discipline, and perserance.

Aikido cultivates a sense of purpose and instills self-control mechanisms to help students greet the challenges of daily life with confidence and mindfulness.

Children will learn the basic principles of Aikido, self-control, and discipline, as well as co-ordination and balance in a non-aggressive, fun environment. Attention is given to dojo etiquette and basic movements through step-by-step training. The repetitive nature of the training helps develop the student’s ability to concentrate on the task at hand and improves their co-ordination.

Below are the kyu expectations for our students. Please use the graphics below to help your child practice and prepare for their next belt test.


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